Douglas J Noble is a music journalist, guitar instructor and musician based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He is the Music Director of UniVibes, the international Jimi Hendrix magazine and a regular contributor to The Guitar Magazine. The following interviews were mainly conducted for UniVibes and The Guitar Magazine. Please pass on any comments to Douglas here.

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In the following interviews and articles, "EXCLUSIVE!" means the interview/article has never appeared anywhere else - which is pretty exciting - and "NEW!" means the interview/article was added within the past three months. This site was updated on 19 August 1997, 11:21am.

NEW!As the Music Director of UniVibes Douglas has written extensively on Jimi Hendrix - the following articles are taken from UniVibes.

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Coming soon... A previously unpublished interview with Blur's Graham Coxon, interviews with Brian May and Mark Knopfler, a lesson with Joe Satriani and much, much more...

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