First of all, contrary to popular belief, there are some things that are far more important than music and guitars. Difficult to believe, I know, but there you go. Please check out:

Amnesty International On-Line - campaigning for human rights across the world. Current campaigns include the Central American state of Guatemala where thousands of innocent people have suffered grotesque abuses of their basic human rights - mostly at the hands of their own government.

Greenpeace - Greenpeace is an independent, campaigning organisation which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force the solutions which are essential to a green an peaceful future...

And now the music links:

The Jeff Beck Bulletin Issue #3 - the web site for the JB magazine

Rhys Chatham Les 100 guitares home page - info on the composer and his compositions plus much more.

Jimi Hendrix -

Nigel Kennedy Home Page - biog and recording info.

Kronos Quartet Fan Web - award winning unofficial Kronos site.

Nils Lofgren - award winning site where you can help Nils with his new record

The Official Metallica Site - "Metal up your ass." That was their catch phrase, then they cut their hair, drank martinis and got sophistikated. Anyway, they still rock like a bastard - whatever that means...

Yngwie Malmsteen - the official home page of the Swedish neo-classicist.

Pat Methey Web Server - interviews, complete discography, tour dates, concert reviews and a mailing list.

Café Los Negroes: Vernon Reid - you've read about his guitar playing, now admire his unpretentious photography. Vernon's work has appeared in several shows around New York City.

Henry Rollins - 2.13.61 Publications Website - info about Henry and his publishing co which has published books by Henry Rollins, Ross Halfin, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, Henry Miller and many others.

Carlos Santana -

The Joe Satriani Home Page - widdly widdly widdly. With updates on the G3 tour. Personally, I was blown away by Joe's opening three tracks on the G3 CD...

Andy Summers - Zenyatta Regatta - The Police FAQ.

Martin Taylor - erm, "pithy" is one way to describe this site on the jazz guitar virtuoso.

Steve Vai's Home on the Web - more widdle and updates on the G3 tour. No sign of Steve's pipe though. Which is a pity.

Stevie Ray Vaughan -

The Johnny Winter Story - loads of info on JW

Neil Young Appreciation Society - the web site of "Broken Arrow", the excellent NY magazine.

Other miscellaneous links to cool and/or interesting sites:

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative - the coolest bike shop in the world?

Kowloon Skate Aggressive Corner - advice on difficult skating moves. How can you live without it?

Kenny Martin Photography - international award winning photographer based in the Scottish borders.

McDonalds vs Dave Morris and Helen Steel - info on the McLibel case.

Stagefright Photography - Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock, Classical, Writers, Theater... It's all here at Edinburgh-based photographer Mark Marnie's site.

Vegetarian Pages - intended to be a definitive guide to what is available on the internet for vegetarians, vegans and others.