`When I was a kid there was a compilation album by the Hot Club of France called `Djangology', `Djangology' being one of the tracks on it - the tracks were originally released on 78s then compiled onto albums and now onto CDs. Django Reinhardt's guitar playing had a big influence on me and in some of the Django-type things I've been doing recently, what I'm trying to do is take elements of his solos and intertwine them with the things that I do. Some of the Django things that sound quite straightforward aren't, and I find them quite difficult to play. So every day I have another bash and they start to fall under the fingers.

`Another album I've always liked is called `Travelling Light' which was recorded by a female Hammond organ player called Shirley Scott - great player - and had Kenny Burrell on guitar. I almost wore that record out when I was about 14 or 15 because of the great combination of guitar and Hammond organ. It's becoming fashionable again now.

``Extrapolation' by John McLaughlin was an album that was way ahead of its time and took jazz and guitar playing onto another plane. It was quite hard to listen to at first, I remember. I really had to persevere with it - it was like nothing else I had ever heard but I knew it was fantastic even though I didn't have any hold on it!

`I'd heard other guitar players playing solo like George Van Eps but Joe Pass' `Virtuoso' was the first time I'd heard a solo guitar being played with the same freedom that I had heard piano players playing with - really improvising. That was a great eye opener.

`A more recent favourite is `Intimate Interpretations' by Ike Isaaks, recorded only a couple of years ago. I think that for the style of guitar playing that I do, this is an album that really shows you perfection in that style of guitar playing in terms of harmony. It also has a beautiful jazz guitar sound that isn't too "plummy" like some jazz guitar records. It's a timeless record that you will be able to listen to in 50 years.'